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Energetic Baby Deer Meets Tesla

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playing music on Tesla coils seven nation army

Tesla Coils Play "Seven Nation Army"

Performance of a lifetime.
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driver tries to refuel Tesla only to discover they're electric

Driver Struggles to Refuel Tesla

That moment when he figures it out.
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Tesla unveils the new CyberTruck and it proceeds to get trolled hard by people on Twitter.

Tesla Unveils New CyberTruck, Gets Trolled Hard

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Tesla's On Board Camera Catches Woman Who Appears To Key It

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Tesla Has Hilarious Little Design Fail

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Criminally Dumb Criminal technology ridiculous tesla Video stupid - 97221889

Idiotic Tesla Vandals Laugh While Getting Recorded By Car's Sentry Mode

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Woman Goes Viral After Trying To Fill Up Her Tesla With Gas

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10 Times Old People Were Woefully out of the Loop on Facebook

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Video of a Tesla putting on a cool Christmas lights show.

Buckle Up And Prepare To Be Amazed With Tesla's Christmas Light Show

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If You Buy a Tesla, You Must Get a Terrible Vanity Plate

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Someone Took a Hot Dump on This Fella's Tesla, and He Needs Your Help Finding the Culprit

craigslist ad man seeking prankster who pooped on his tesla
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Tesla's Autopilot System Is Creepy And Wonderful

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This is for All the Haters Out There Who Think Electric Cars Are Wimpy

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The Only License Plate for an Electric Car

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A Very Tesla Christmas

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