Is Anyone As Smooth As Roger Federer Right Here?

win gif Roger Federer is smooth
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They Have Too Many Balls In The Air

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Tennis Is Boring, But This Linesmen At Wimbledon Should Pay Attention

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An Unlucky Ball Boy Tries to Keep it Cool After Eating the Floor Behind Maria Sharapova

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Simona Halep Just Won a Major Tennis Trophy, but Don't Ask Her to Lift it

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Roger Federer Gets Lobbed On by a Kid

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The Winter Freeze Brings in Some New Sports

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Fail of the Day: Ball Boy Gets Hit in Balls at Australian Open

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Sir Elton John Takes a Sir Royal Tumble While Viewing a Tennis Match

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You Can Feel the Sexual Tension

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Tennis Master Maria Sharapova Sits Behind the Most Oblivious Person on a Flight

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This Kind of Tennis Play May Only Come Once in a Lifetime

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Shot of the Day: Roger Federer Impresses Michael Jordan With His Between the Legs Shot

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Who's Going to Let a Height Difference Get in the Way of Sportsmanship?

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Tennis, Anyone?

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Find the Smart-Aleck

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