telephone poles

It'll Be Fine...

telephone poles snow there I fixed it - 8003414016
By Mike P

What More Do You Want?

telephone poles road cones funny - 7691961600

Better Tie It Down

telephone poles rope perfectly safe funny - 7638013952
By isisfan

What Happens When You Call an Electrician on a Friday

By jmvBMW

We Will Soon Have a Failure to Communicate

telephone poles funny g rated there I fixed it - 7609102336
By Dan O

Man, That Looks Pretty Unstable. Add Another Cone.

telephone poles unstable funny - 6983884288
By Sarah

You Guys Are Wearing Rubber Boots, Right?

wires repairs telephone poles cables g rated there I fixed it - 6472659200
By Unknown

I Wonder Which Came First?

telephone poles houses - 7244278272
By DoctorTwo

Your Street Lamp is No Match for My Eaves!

telephone poles roofs - 7168774656
By Dopamina815

Even utilities need extra support.

telephone poles kludges - 7142804480
By VikNightfox (Via Cheezburger iOS Builder)

Our Primary Concern is for People to Get Their Electricity Back

nyc telephone poles electricity telephone wires - 6721233408
By Unknown


failboat g rated stop streets telephone poles traffic - 4009297152
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