Daughter neglects her teeth, and then the mom refuses to pay for the dental care. | AITA refusing pay my daughter's dental procedures? Not hole My daughter is 24 years old her entire life, she has neglected her teeth. Her dental hygiene is nonexistent, she would refuse brush or floss her teeth at all, wouldn't even use mouthwash. My first thought she may be suffering depression or some sort mental health issue, so immediately took her professionals. However, even after years doctors, therapists,

Daughter Neglects Teeth, Mom Won't Pay For Dental Care

Gotta take care of those teeth.
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Tumblr thread about the funny things a person's dentist has said | filledwiththislight Things my dentist has actually said Well, either x-rays lied or are spontaneously creating teeth going with second one because 's way cooler."

Tumblr Thread: Cool Dentist Who Doesn't Give A Heck

If only all dentists could be this honest.
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Funny video of dog with fake teeth in mouth.

Dog has Radiant Smile after Stealing Fake Teeth

Those teeth are all canines now.
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random items with teeth

27 Things With Teeth That Shouldn't Have Teeth That'll Disturb You Greatly

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wtf cursed images

34 Cursed Images to Get Your WTF Motor Runnin'

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funny reddit roasts

20 Unfortunate Souls Who Got Roasted to a Crisp

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Orthodontists Reveal What They Really Think About Their Patients

19 Orthodontists Confess What They Really Think About Patients

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cringe teeth ridiculous Video - 86379265

Guys Try and Pull Friend's Tooth For Him Using Pliers, Bike, Car and More

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He's Teething

Babies baby teeth parenting - 8971815680
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See, That Wasn't Ruff at All

gifs parenting teeth - 8822692096
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tooth fairy teeth parenting dad Video - 80446721

Pulling Teeth with Helicopters Is What This Dad Does Best

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hoverboard kids teeth parenting - 80132865

Kids Use Hoverboard and String to Help Yank out Loose Teeth

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dad parenting teeth millennium falcon - 79506177

The Fastest Tooth Extractor in the Galaxy

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Better Than Losing Her Mind

Hot Wheels teeth parenting Video - 77921793

Here's One Speedy Way to Get Rid of a Loose Tooth

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Careful, You'll Shoot Your Tooth Out

funny parenting gif little girl shoots her loose tooth out
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