Your Teacher Is a Cruel Master

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By Unknown

Your Teacher Is a Jerk

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By Unknown
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Becoming a Great Teacher

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The Students Are All in There 70s By Then

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By Unknown

At Least Your Teacher Is Honest

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By Unknown

Eye Contact Equals Death

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By Unknown

Autocorrect Isn't a Gamer

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By sweetangel273

Every Damn Time

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By Unknown

Mr. Bean, He Knows How to Cope With Life

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By Unknown

Just Sitting There Waiting for a Partner

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The Teachers Need to Stay Off the Internet

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End of Year Thank You From Student

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This Is Probably What You've Been Doing for the Past Few Days

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What's the Chance of That?

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By Mahael

It Took Forever

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By Unknown

The "Special" in Special Ed

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By NowSourcing (Via Masters in Special Education)