funny tumblr tea conversation gets turned into Shakespearean script

Laughable Tumblr Exchange Gets Turned Into Shakespearean Comedic Aside

That's very Tumblr.
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company fires employee for drinking tea before paying

Company Fires Employee For Opening 99 Cent Tea Before Paying

That's just cruel.
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Customer asks for extremely hot tea and gets it | r/MaliciousCompliance Posted by u/RainbowRiki 19 hours ago 3 Here is extra extra extra extra extra extra EXTRA hot chai This story is about 8 years ago worked at "Green Apron Coffee store where worked drive thru store, so this day working drive thru bar making drinks. Anyone who is working on drive thru side will wear headset even if arent greeting customers minivan pulled up box, and before even got greet her--

Customer Asks for Extremely Hot Tea, Actually Accepts It

That's not how you expect these to end.
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over the top hot 80s wendys tea coffee music video ridiculous training fast food - 100303617

Wendy's Old Musical Hot Drinks Training Video Goes Hard

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Britain vs USA

Brits And Americans Clash In Legendairy Tumblr Thread About Drinking Tea

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Brits and Americans clash

Angry Brits And Americans Clash Over Tea In Ridiculous Tumblr Thread

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trolling tea funny Video - 84384769

Waiiit For It

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Baby Learns That Tea Isn't as Healthy as Everyone Claims It to Be

baby gifs tea soccer - 8973208832
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twitter list Memes tea lizard - 836101

Good Morning America Calling Kermit the Frog #Tealizard Just Proves That It's Not Easy Being Green

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The Coast is Clear, Full Steep Ahead

titanic product clever puns tea - 8751123200
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Chipotle Undercooked His Chicken, so He Took Off With Their Tea

guy stole tea from chipotle over undercooked chicken
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Alice In Whiskeyland

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You Know Have the Synthesizer Lines in Your Head

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When's Tea Time? All the Time?

tea UK true facts - 8480480768
By spacedawg

She's Green Tea Flavored

look like what you drink
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What the English Will Never Admit About Their Tea Obsession

Via tpolisher
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