Viral TikTok teaches about tax liens and buying homes from financially struggling people, comment section discusses ethics vs business

Viral TikTok Explains How to Buy Homes From People Who Couldn't Pay Their Taxes and Sparks a Heated Debate About Ethics in the Comments

Is it immoral to swipe a home from a struggling household or is it just business?
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A caller tries to get tech support to help them commit tax fraud, and fails miserably.

Caller Tries To Get Tech Support To Help Commit Tax Fraud, Fails Miserably

What a goof.
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Guy's co-worker gets IRS to reverse a fee by using a loophole | r/ProRevenge u/fox-mcleod 1y JOIN 3 [x-post r/MaliciousCompliance] Nathan vs IRS can't believe took so long think posting this guys are an epic one here. First have appreciate kind guy Nathan is. Brilliant engineer/crazy person. Because Nathan likes rules and Nathan doesn't give up he knows things should work like get him tell story whenever together because he doesn't even see why 's funny s just he deals with all problems.

Guy Uses Loophole To Get IRS To Reverse Fee

Nathan is the king of petty revenges.
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Guy's girlfriend shafts him out of hundreds so he takes her to court, reports her for tax fraud, and leaves her liable for thousands.

Ex-Girlfriend Shafts Guy Out Of Hundreds, So He Reports Her For Tax Fraud And Leaves Her Liable For Thousands

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twitter thread about why poor people eat junk food

Woman's Viral Twitter Thread Explains Why It's Wrong To Shame People For Eating Junk Food

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news government refund phone call taxes phone ridiculous - 97129473

Phone Call of TurboTax Rep Avoiding Giving Refund to Overcharged Customer

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rage twitter taxes angry ridiculous reaction politics - 7778053

People Are Raging On Twitter About The New Tax Law Eating Up Their Tax Refunds

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twitter finance taxes wealthy social media true facts - 7639557

Article Factually Breaks Down Ideas About If The Wealthy Ever Really Paid 90% In Taxes

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crazy finance taxes illegal money - 6225669

Shame-Ridden Confessions From People Who Committed Tax Fraud

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donald trump taxes politics - 1748485

Rachel Maddow Sets the Internet Ablaze With One Tweet About Trump's Tax Returns

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Have You Ever Felt So Wealthy You Bought A Cheetah?

tax return, money, wealth, cheetah
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It's Inevitable So Hand Me That Spoon

parenting ice cream image It's Inevitable So Hand Me That Spoon
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The Solution is Always to Not Pay Taxes, Right?

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Bigger Tax Returns, Because THAT'S What Makes Life Easier

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Someone's Going to be Filing Their Taxes Separately Next Year

craigslist trolling taxes wife failbook g rated - 8438521600
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It's Their Job to Know NUMBERS, Not Letters...

monday thru friday sign taxes upside down - 8438655744
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