Pay Your Tattoo Artists. | "It takes several sessions across weeks. She repeatedly has to postpone payment, but he's chill, family friend, Yada Yada. Until it comes to the last session, when it slips that she still doesn't have the money, and more importantly, WON'T have the money. Like, ever."

'Right up her spine this idiot now has a massive veiny appendage': Tattoo artist gets revenge on client when they learn they have no intention of paying

This entitled ignorant idiot had no intention of paying for a massive tattoo that needed to be completed across multiple sessions. Each session, they had some excuse as to why they weren't able to pay, and this carried on until the last session. Just before the start of the last session, they accidentally let slip their intentions to skip without paying the bill, seeing the writing on the wall and their labor already lost… The artist decided to exact some incredibly suited revenge. I feel like…
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But, like, if you enjoy it then it's not really working | Beautiful girl showing her many tattoos

Entitled 'Choosing Beggar' Roasted Online, Wants Free Tattoo Since Tattoo Artist’s Job is “Just a Hobby”, Artist Claps Back

This tattoo artist was frustratingly faced with the request for a free tattoo by this entitled choosing beggar who had deemed his trade to be “Just a hobby.” The exchange was posted by u/rockpaperpowerfist, the tattoo artist in question, and the purple messages in the attached text message exchange. They posted the messages to Reddit’s r/mildlyinfuring subreddit. A subsection of the site where people predictably post infuriating things, but only mildly. I’d say that this surpasses “mildly” stra…
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18 bad tattoos | thumbnail left onion tattoo in woman's armpit, thumbnail right jesus didn't tapout tattoo

Series Of Very Bad Tattoos That Are Flat Out Not Good

Big yikes
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tattoos tattoo Ugliest Tattoos - 16050949

32 Clever Tattoo Coverups That Made the Best of a Bad Situation

Coming through with the clutch save!
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dumb and bad first time tattoo stories

People's Worst and Dumbest First Tattoo Experiences

It's an artform.
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People Who Clearly Didn't Think Their Tattoos Through

10 People Who Clearly Didn't Think Their Tattoos Through

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Canada butt tattoo - 1337861

Guy Gets Massive Tattoo of a Goose on His Ass. Delivering on an Internet Promise in the Most Epic Way Possible

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twitter FAIL Drake tattoo reactions - 1135365

Drake Got a Nicolas Cage-Inspired Ghost Rider Tattoo, and The Internet Can't Stop Teasing Him

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news sports FAIL World Series baseball tattoo reactions MLB cleveland mistake - 1103109

Foolish Cleveland Fan Opts for the Premature 'Champs' Tattoo, and the Internet Is Here to Smack Him With Instant Regrets

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It Might Get a Little Stretchy...

tattoo - 6014178304
Created by Kimmie Ahn

One Direction (is Wrong)

FAIL tattoo Ugliest Tattoos - 8817768960
Via EndgameArchitecture

Noledge is it Not

FAIL tattoo spelling - 8817658112
Via vhureo

Well Maybe One, Permanent One

FAIL tattoo spelling classic - 8805902592
Via lordofthewin

Not Gonna Get Let into the Playboy Mansion with That

FAIL tattoo - 8795204864
Via TheBannedOne

A Grecian Work of Art on Your Sleeve

tattoo win - 8763087872
Created by Bnewt61

You Better Hope They Can Laser Burn it Off

NAILED IT tattoo that is a real fail, and has loads of spelling errors.
Created by jessedangerranger
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