"Every bloody morning I put our outside tables and chairs out 20 mins before we open. Every single day when I'm lugging the first couple of heavy ass tables out into the street, I inevitably get someone asking if we're open yet. Well obviously not since I'm still setting up, but whatever."

'Every. F-ing. Morning.': Service industry worker goes off on impassioned rant about when customers try to push inside early

Working in retail, customer service, or in the service industry opens you up to a variety of mind-numbing experiences. The first category would probably be the repetitive tasks that you have to do day in and day out. These chores all require next-to-no brain power and could be completed by a monkey. There are only so many shirts you can fold, walls you can merchandise, or stock-takes you can complete before beginning to contemplate moving out to an off-grid cabin in the woods.
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"At this point, the man loudly scoffs and smirks at me while reaching for his wallet.  He asks, 'This mean anything to you?' while flashing me his badge.  [Did] this guy really just try to extort me for a beer for his underage daughter??  'No, that doesn’t mean anything to me,' I replied.  'Really? Nothing? Pull down that mask and let me see your face.'

'This mean anything to you?': Cop tries to flash his badge and use intimidation to get drinks for underaged daughter

The problem with misusing your authority and making a scene is that it makes all those you are associated with look bad. That also goes for any organizations or groups who you might be affiliated with. This is why it's so important to conduct oneself in a manner that suits your station -whether you're on duty or off. Just take this off-duty hotel manager who was fired for being rude to the staff of another hotel as a prime example. This server took to Reddit's r/talesfromyourserver community to…
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"Someone else took their food out, but I go to do the check-back and ask if everything's OK with their meal after a few minutes.  He then goes, "No, my meal didn't come with any sauce", to which I reply "I'm sorry, what sauce would you like Sir?" [...] He goes "Mustard, Dijon Mustard" like he's James Bond."

'I am not paying!': Rude dude demands dijon mustard under duress of displeasure

It's okay to feel a little bit sentimental about your favorite type of sauce. I, for one, am a ketchup guy through and through, you won't catch me far away from a little red bottle that's packed with that sweet tomato-y goodness. Sure, the actual contents of ketchup are probably like 80% sugar, 19% vinegar, and 1% ketchup but that's not something that bothers me in the slightest. I'll eat ketchup on anything and am happy for the disgusted reactions that my creations sometimes evoke. So, in this…
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'So, this is bread?': Waiter recounts mind-melting tale of serving group who exist within their own reality

I'm still not entirely convinced that this waiter hasn't accidentally found themselves inside of a Nathan Fielder bit here. This is either a really clever gaslight on the part of the patrons, or they really are just on/from another planet. It's impossible to believe that anyone could be this incredibly dense or has otherwise somehow managed to avoid learning basic restaurant etiquette somehow. It does make for an interesting thought experiment though. Anyways, this waiter shared a lengthy, but…
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