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Confused Times People Forgot What They Were Holding

The ol' autopilot switcharoo.
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buying frustrating wtf kids mother switch ridiculous entitled video games funny stupid nintendo selling - 7803909

Discusted Single Mother Melts Down Trying To Purchase Nintendo Switch

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Never Flip the Switch

boner funny switch wtf - 8304315648
Via Vmoney1337

Switch Bench WIN

design switch bench - 6938281984
Via Neatorama

Measure Twice, Install Once

light switch switch tiles - 6468059392
By UnQ

There I Fixed It: You Know What? Up Yours Too, Building Management!

g rated light switch switch there I fixed it - 6405723648
By jmdougherty

Hacked IRL: Flip It!

graffiti painting Street Art switch - 6192079616
Via Laughing Squid

Switching It Up

overkill switch television - 5824026368
Via shd4807

Good To Know

ethernet Professional At Work switch wtf - 5525970688
By Bryan

Yep, It's That Simple

attention dongs Hall of Fame switch turned on - 5509636864
By Unknown

That Man's Switch Is Awfully Small

men and women switch We Are Dating women and men - 5236794112
By Alexwin

In Other Words, You're Not Getting Service

bathroom janitor restroom sign switch - 5141986304

This is Knot Going To Help You

dual use emergency Professional At Work switch - 4768655616
By Scott

Do You Dare?

button car duct tape horn switch - 4671323648
By Unknown

I Always Thought This Went Without Saying

bathroom duh light switch - 4468150528
By level10skank

Light - Check, A/C - Check, Wall...Not So Much

light switch - 4256038144
By Unknown
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