Get back into the swing of things, don't let drastic change leave you glum and gormless. Maybe you're looking for that favorite childhood activity in the backyard, or a flexible conception of marriage. Whatever the case may be, make sure to swing your way through the day.

Video of guy in spider-man outfit getting thrown off a swing.

Spider-Man Makes Unexpected Exit During Show

Hopefully he's off to fight crime.
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golf FAIL swing - 257030

Golfer Swings So Hard His Golf Club Breaks In Half And Flies Into The Crowd

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Going Back to School After a Holiday Weekend Got You Like...

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swing DIY Video win - 81973249

Skip the Lines at Amusement Parks and Just Install a Giant Homemade 360° Swing in Your Backyard Like This Guy

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A Lights Out Swing

rope swing FAIL swing Video - 80540417

When a Rope Swing Turns Into Face-Skipping

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landing rope FAIL swing - 78792449

Full Speed Take Off Never Goes Wrong, Right?

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Fun For All Ages

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Keeping A Close Watch

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parkour gymnastics swing Video win - 72553729

British Gymnast Uses a Swing Set to Jump Over a House

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FAIL bad idea swing motorcycle Video - 72343553

It's Always The Dismount That's Trickiest

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cute parenting swing basketball Video win - 71937793

Boom Goes The Lil Tikes Dynamite

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Crate Swingset Idea

dangerous milk crate swing - 3415678976
By Unknown

Nice Catch!

gifs kids parenting dad swing reflexes g rated - 8402588160
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swing whee Video g rated win - 66225921

You Have to be a Special Kind of Nuts to Try Out This Rope Swing

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Cats Can Be Helpful

baby gifs parenting swing Cats - 8370115072
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