surprising awesome ocean swimming dangerous win - 107156737

Paddle Boarder Gets Saved By His Waterproof Phone Pouch

Those oceans can be unforgivable.
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diving surprising awesome swimming dangerous Video win - 107134209

Nataliia Zharkova Completes Absolutely Bonkers Free Dive

Out of breath just thinking about this.
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crazy surprising ocean swimming shark dangerous Video - 107123969

Swimmer In Panama City Beach Has Close Brush With Hammerhead Shark

Way too close for comfort.
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crazy diving swimming ridiculous Video - 106934529

First Time Jumpers On A 10 Meter Tower

Well, they went for it.
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Waterslide guy hydroplanes across water's surface and gracefully exits pool

Dude Has Smoothest Water Slide Dismount

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video of a swimming bat

Swimming Bat is Like a Graceful Trash Bag

Being able to fly wasn't good enough?
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diving fail caught on camera

Diver Crashes Man's Seaside Video

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old pics of kids

20 Kids in Unsafe Situations That Wouldn't Fly Today

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sports FAIL gross doctor technology swimming - 8192517

Gnarly Waterproof Earbud Fail Terrifies Swimmer's Doctor

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"I'm Swimming, Okay"

Via FrozenFoodGuy
rules drugs childhood cigarettes lies truth swimming dad smoking mom funny parents - 7721989

15 Complete Lies Our Parents Crammed into Our Heads

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thread against anti vaxxers

Emotionally Agonizing Twitter Thread About Vaccination Gone Wrong Still Condemns Anti-Vaxxers

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mom demanding free swimming lessons for son

Insane Entitled Mom Demands Woman Teach Her Son to Swim for Free

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diving FAIL cringe swimming painful Video - 433926

Man's Crazy High Dive Ends In Soul-Shattering Belly Flop

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"Get off!"

Via KennySenpaii
crazy awesome swimming pool win - 428294

Watch These People Skyrocket Off Insane Water Slide

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