Funny things people said under anesthesia | neeeeerrrrrddddd 6.9k points 7 hours ago most memorable funny one guy who sat bolt upright, mime rolling cigarette and tuck behind his ear "saving ron asked he doing. Anaesthesia can be wild trip kids will always scream they wake up

Things People Said Under Anesthesia

Oh, yes, totally sir.
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funny things people said waking up from anesthesia | iletthe12dogsout 6.5k points 10 hours ago 2 3 got my wisdom teeth out nurse trying wake up and said okay s time open eyes. Can open eyes said Say pleee-eease She said please very nicely, and opened my mouth as wide as could

Wild Things People Said While Waking from Anesthesia

They got loopy.
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Girl complains about her looks so her boyfriend suggests makeup or surgery | AITA suggesting my girlfriend she start wearing makeup again? Asshole My (24M) girlfriend "Maya 26F) is most beautiful woman on Earth, literally perfect top bottom. She drafted by really big modeling agency LA while were college met) and she made an unbelievable amount money, enough pay off all her student loans and buy us house also have 1yo son.

Girlfriend Complains About Looks, Man Suggests Surgery

Could've handled that better, bud.
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weird things people have said under anesthesia

35 Hilarious Things People Said Under Anesthesia

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insane crazy alternative medicine lies truth cure facebook good doctors stupid surgery win - 6956549

Triumphant FB Post Combats Moronic Alternative Health Advice

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askreddit random facts

30 Completely Unrelated but Super Interesting Facts

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Sad fashion plastic surgery FAIL instagram lips beauty surgery - 437510

Girl Deeply Regrets Her Botched Lip Surgery

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drugs FAIL truth surgery - 5416709

10 Of The Craziest Things People Have Said Under Anesthesia

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Insane Stories From People Who Endured Long Stays In the Hospital

20 Insane Stories From People Who Endured Long Stays In the Hospital

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Video of gray-haired hospital patient on Ketamine, having hilarious and unusual reaction to ankle surgery.

Guy Deep Down the Ketamine Hole Has the Crazy Surgery Reaction of the Year

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FAIL wisdom teeth funny Video surgery - 84445697

Chick Has Hilarious Meltdown Post-Wisdom Teeth Surgery, and Cries Her Eyes Out for the Funniest Reason Ever

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I Guess it Was a Minor Surgery...

FAIL headline penis surgery newspaper - 8816548864
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Reconstructive Surgery Saves Baby Who Was Born with Brain Outside His Skull

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snacks food Video surgery - 77949953

You Don't Need to be a Doctor to Perform Snack Surgery

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Sentiments of A Stepdad

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You Make Me Want To Go Under

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