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Dude Demonstrates Life-Sized RC Flying Superman

Look! Up in the sky!
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A funny Tumblr post about guy being able to see superheroes' threat level | writing-prompt-s regular office worker born with ability see dangerous person is with number scale 1-10 above their heads toddler would be 1, while skilled soldier with firearm may score 7. Today notice reserved new guy at office measures 10. wakeupontheprongssideofthebed decide 's best find out can about this person. Cautiously approach his desk. He's handsome man, tall, but with disarming smile could such friendly guy

Tumblr Thread: Mystified Man's Able To Identify Superheroes

Clark Kent has some explaining to do.
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4 Superman & Lois Lane Romance Storylines Too Offensive For The CW

Oh boy, here we go.
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Writer Lampoons DC Superheroes In Humorous Thread

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holiday savings knock off products

21 Wild Knock-Offs That No One Asked For

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movie memes

15 Very Abridged Movie Plots That Get Right Down to the Point

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People on Twitter are roasting Superman over the CG mustache removal, and the results are hilarious.

Twitter Roasts Justice League Over Superman's CG Mustache Removal

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homeless fight ridiculous Video superman - 86138625

Guy Dressed Up Like Superman Beats Homeless Man to a Bloody Pulp After He Steals Someone's Bag

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She's the Hero Picture Day Deserves

cute parenting win She's the Superhero Picture Day Deserves
Via kjaj1213
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Batman May Be the Hero The 2016 Election Needs

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Watch the Retro Trailer for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

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DC pranks will smith funny Video superman win suicide squad - 125446

Henry Cavill Went Disguised to Comic-Con and Pranked the Living Hell out of Suicide Squad's Will Smith

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The Dawn of Feline Justice Is Now, in Batcat v Supercat

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It's the Cookie You Deserve, But Not the Cookie Advertised Right Now

FAIL superheroes batman superman cookies - 8565190144
Created by abigail99

How You Feelin, Man? Feelin Super, Maaaaan

Via OfficerClub

Man of Steel

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