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Deadpool Does a Number on the Walking Dead Trailer and It's Amazing

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Marvel Artist Who Has a Burning Hatred for Donald Trump Made a Ridiculous Supervillain Inspired by the Guy

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Our Favorite Mouthy Merc, Deadpool Takes on Candy Crush in Real Life for One Ridiculous Video

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When You Ask Your Daughter How Spider-Man Shoots His Web

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342-Pound Powerlifter Deemed the Iranian Hulk, and Could Probably Beat Gregor Clegane in an Arm Wrestling Match

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Hugh Jackman Asked His Fans to Caption a Picture of Him Training for Old Man Logan Role, and the Responses Are Amazing

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We Can All Quit on the Idea That Any Iron Man Cosplay Will Ever Top This Dude's

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Meet the Poor Mutants Who Didn't Make It Into Professor Xavier's School

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Should've Never Taken Magneto Away from His Folks

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Artist Puts Together Awesome Collection of X-Men for the 90's

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Star Wars Trailer Re-Edited for Suicide Squad Style Will Smack a Genuine Smile on Your Face

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Guy's Infinity Gauntlet Oven Mitt Gets Melted by Pizza Rolls, and All the Internet Cares About Are the Pizza Rolls

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Tinder Practically Swipes Humanity 'Right' off the Face of the Earth in the First Trailer for Tinder: The Superhero Movie

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Iron Man and Captain America Took a Timeout from Fighting One Another to Visit an 18-Year-Old Battling Cancer Who Should Be the next Avenger

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Marvel Fans Really Want Captain America to Have a Boyfriend

image superheroes lgbtq Marvel Fans Really Want Captain America to Have a Boyfriend
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Sad-Faced Loki's Low-Key Devastated

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