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Super Mario Odyssey Is Amazing And The Internet Can't Control Itself

Super Mario Odyssey Is A Masterpiece And The Internet Can't Contain Its Excitement

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art legend of zelda super mario video games bioshock zelda mario nintendo - 848133

Professional Artist Beautifully Reimagines Video Game Characters from Zelda, Mario, The Witcher, Bioshock and Metroid

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Make Shrooms, Not War

army mario piano super mario video games - 5818257664
By Unknown
video games super mario Video - 42928897

Music FAILS: Marching Band Video Game Tribute

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How to Make Money With Your Music

glee mario super mario video games - 6500293632
By Unknown
piano super mario theme video games - 40544513

Knowing the Super Mario Theme Backwards and Forwards

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Cross-Stitching WIN

friends nerdgasm super mario - 6384809984
By sojournerd (Via Etsy)
nerdgasm stop motion super mario Video - 39509249

Super Stop-Motion Mario WIN

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Mushroom Case Mod WIN

DIY mod mushroom nerdgasm super mario video games - 6149835008
Via Neatorama

Super Mario Crochet WIN

blanket crochet Knitta Please nerdgasm super mario video games - 6159338240
By fatspepper
lana del rey parody super mario Video video games - 34512385

Lana Del Rey Now Served With Extra Video Games

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geeky mario nerdgasm nintendo roomba super mario Video video game - 26092289

Roomba WIN

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Bowser Propaganda WIN

bowser Historical mario political poster super mario video games - 5172679168
By sixonefive72

Pipe Mug WIN

beverage cup drink mario mug nerdgasm super mario Videogames - 5131638272
Via Complex

Boardwalk WIN

arcade mario nerdgasm super mario - 5130888192
Via Neatorama

Coin Block WIN

mario nerdgasm super mario video games IRL - 5107341312
Via NullPoint
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