Mimes Horatio Caine putting on his sunglasses... I think we've found a shady spot here for some gifs and memes... Sunglasses have become an almost essential fashion accessory for the style-focused. But as long as people turn their faces into something resembling a bug, there will always be jokes to be had.

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ProTip: A Good First Impression Has Nothing to Do With Sunglasses

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Potentially This is the Best Description For Sunglasses That You'll Read All Year

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Be Cool, Be Cool

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Cold Pizza or Chill Pizza

pizza slice in fridge with sunglasses
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This Goat is Ready to Shine

goat with sunglasses no haters
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It's Ergonomic!

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By punkie070

And Then I Became Hair

hair sunglasses - 6469950208
By Unknown

His Outfit's So Bright, He's Gotta Wear Shades

bright hat fur poorly dressed sunglasses - 8163401472
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Cool Family, Bro

awesome family photo mustache shades sunglasses - 4632254976
By Unknown

Shade Thine Eyes

dress fashion model shade sunglasses weird - 4597358336
By Unknown

Look Good Coming AND Going

hair sunglasses poorly dressed haircut - 8377586944
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So I Can See, So I Can See (My Phone)

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All I See is Leaves of Green

sunglasses money - 7150702080
By Unknown

Fab Rabbit

bunnies sunglasses - 6900896512
By Unknown

The day I Stopped Hating on 50 Cent

50 cent hip hop rap sunglasses - 6372714496
By Unknown

It's Always Beach Weather For Some Kids

sunglasses kids parenting - 8421822464
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