Tumblr thread of joke foreplay activities | NEVER SKIP FOREPLAY Make out. Lick her jaw. Suck her neck. Eat her God Damn py. e melaninmermaid Foreplay is essential. blueklectic Lick her jaw dickbuttofficial chew on her eyebrows kingweedorah put ear her torso moonuncle whisper into ass

Tumblr Adds Dumb Suggestions to List of Foreplay Activities

Yeah, spank her hair.
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Such a Cute Dinner!

advertisement accidental sad suggestion juxtaposition rabbit - 8504431360
Created by Unknown

Stuck in the Middle With You

ouch glue sexy time suggestion failbook - 8503963904
Created by klqzm

Come to Think of it, That's Pretty Metal...

suggestion science juxtaposition - 8502249728
Created by Jake L

Facebook Creates a Mashup Made in Hell

drugs suggestion Probably bad News juxtaposition failbook - 8498886656
Created by Ezra

That Extra Kick Comes From the Souls of the Damned!

Via guble

That Would Be a Good Start

monday thru friday paper suggestion - 8405067520
Via Pleated Jeans

Learn to Write Your Own Terrible Lines!

fifty shades of grey suggestion juxtaposition - 8485728000
Created by TheDContinuum

You Have Two Options!

single accidental sexy relationships suggestion dating - 8483376640
Created by GirlZilla

Facebook Knows You're Becoming a Spinster

Via bijanstephen

Facebook Has a Dark Sense of Humor

suggestion isis juxtaposition - 8477561600
Created by Danny

There's Nothing Funny About This Story, Except Facebook's Suggestion Algorithm

Via 1Voice1Life

The Other Woman, and the Other Other Other Woman

news relationships suggestion juxtaposition - 8475831040
Created by D Mulls

Facebook Suggestions Somehow Get Even More Inappropriate

suggestion Probably bad News juxtaposition airplane - 8470063616
Created by catdaddy79

Facebook's Suggestions Are Probably Funnier Than All of Us

Via drewisalrightiguess

How Ya Doing Little Bacon?

pig cute suggestion juxtaposition - 8459427072
Created by DarkVorona
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