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‘I finished my Masters… I'm doing what I originally wanted’: Student becomes wildly successful and scores their dream job, getting payback against a discouraging guidance counsellor who said they're not ‘university material’

My mom always told me that the best revenge in life is becoming successful. If a bully is putting you down or if you're feeling like you're in the dumps, perseverance and downright refusal to fail can sometimes be the fuel you need to hurl yourself towards your hopeful accomplishments. In this story, a high school student who was laughed at by their guidance counsellor got the ultimate humble revenge by using doing exactly what they were told was impossible: College.
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Timing For the Win!

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Things Are Getting Serious... We're Going Out for Juice Next Week!

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She Just Wanted to Plan a Vacation!

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It Never Works Out Like This

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Moving Up in the World!

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Much Cheaper Than Those Special Playmats

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Men, Take Notes

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This Gambit Won't Always Work, but When it Does...

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Bloody Tampons

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How Does This Even Happen?

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Definitely Not Questioning That One

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DON'T CARE, Pouring Another Anyway

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Everybody Wins!

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It Was a Good Day

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