Consultant runs over laptop with his car and IT guy saves it

Wholesome IT Bro Revives Totally Destroyed Laptop

Sometimes things actually work out.
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statistics and odds

The Heartbreaking Odds of 20 Different Things Happening to You

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high school reunion transformations

15 People Share How Their Classmates Transformed (or Didn't) at High School Reunions

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pics FAIL success attempt lol picture dumb idiots funny trying stupid - 8098053

19 Attempts That Got Wrecked By Laughable Failure

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Sad twitter FAIL writer rejection success debt story editor funny - 6524677

Struggling Writer Shoots Himself in the Foot, and Then It Gets Worse

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Sad Pawpaw Had a Giant Cookout and He Isn't Sad Anymore!

memes burgers pawpaw Sad Pawpaw Had a Giant Cookout and He Isn't Sad Anymore!
Via @rini_the_ripper

Go Fail Somewhere Else!

success - 8143405056

That Last One's Kinda Important

counting list math numbers success - 5763965696
By Unknown

Ignorance Is Strength, War Is Peace, Slavery Is Freedom, and Success Is Error

error Error Report success - 5148315136

He's a True Champion

champion of beer saving
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Will This Motivate or Discourage Customers?

monday thru friday gym success - 8436454144
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The Secret to Success

monday thru friday success - 8396919040
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affair success funny Video - 65673985

Is This Why Men Have Affairs?

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baby success parenting sleeping g rated - 8339851008
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I Am a Math Master!

success idiots math funny g rated - 8185112064
By Bbrony9451

Get a Divorce!

lyrics divorce hip hop success - 4652840448
By sassy_aloo
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