Tumblr Thread: The Uniquely Depressing "Fun Pizza" Saga

Leave it to Tumblr to let one image of fun pizza inspire a way-too specific story of exactly how a story of one "fun-pizza" could go own. It's uncanny how easy it is to picture all of this. For more tumblr food stories, here's a thread on why super coffee is not a great idea, and a very creative story about sandwich demons.

Tumblr thread about a story about a suburban family and their "fun pizza" | nostalchik: darecrow: Imagine going party and white suburban stay at home mom with two overachiever kids and white dad who barbeques but doesn't know barbeque and yet is always surrounded by other white Dads who compliment his barbqeuing even though they're just store bought preshaped frozen patties Ralph's or Food 4 Less and while he's cooking those white mom comes out and says "okay kids, here's some pizza And she pull
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