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I have to pay to print personal stuff at work? so do you, boss

'She said nothing but looked really uncomfortable': Worker craftily exposes boss's stupid fraudulent print fee, makes them pay big time

Hanlon's razor urges us to “Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity," — yet I can't help but shake the thought that Hanlon might have underestimated the malfeasant tactics that would be employed by 21st-century hustlers to get ahead. For sure, there is still plenty of stupid involved in these strategies but, in a world were insider trading goes unpunished, NFTs
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Painfully Idiotic Memes to Remind You That Confidence Doesn't Always Equate to Intelligence

Painfully Idiotic Memes to Remind You That Confidence Doesn't Always Equate to Intelligence

Hey Siri, define "stupid"
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26 stupid people meme images | thumbnail left " Are you going to class tomorrow 100.4 Read 11:20 PM Does that mean you're pregnant or not" thumbnail right "Automotive parking light - OUR (1OST VALUABLE RESOURCE SITS 63 FEETAHEAD. JON OUR TEAM ON THE ROAD TO SUCCESS, THERE ARE NO SHORTCUTS. hattertracking rem SHAFFER TRUCKING "

Delightful Series Of Stupid People Doing What They Do Best (Being Stupid)

Optimal stupidity, achieved!
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stupid funny facepalm moments

Facepalm Moments Of Profound Dumbitude

Here we go.
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Story of a guy who didn't work at Walmart but got "fired" by a manager | r/IDontWorkHereLady Posted by u/mfstevenson1 12 hours ago got fired walmart and never worked there Obligatory on mobile, sorry about any formatting issues! About year ago worked selling solar panel systems. This job required wear khakis and blue polo meeting customers. One particular day, after meeting with homeowner had stop by my local walmart get more pens and notepad my work bag.

Guy Who Didn't Work at Walmart Fired by Walmart Manager

So no harm done?
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fails and dumb facepalm moments |  3 mins First time posting. Please be gentle can flip this image so my son is facing camera tried using Flip Canvas Horizontal" and also "Image Invert" but nothing seems work! Please help can L flip flnis picture so he is facing forward? | Arizona JDM Lifestyle 28 mins Shift ball thing $10 O85210 MESSAGE New. Selling only because learned have change whole transmission get 6th gear. 46R

Classic Facepalm Moments of Incompetence

It never ends.
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Entitled people being rude and demanding things | Do not go there they don't know they are doing would give them minus 3 Response owner 3 weeks ago Hazel saved 135 putting part on car didn't need and diagnosed car without charging 80 diagnostic fee see now mistake.

Entitled People Who Need to Pack Up Their Absurd Demands

Who among us.
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Guy tells his friend that she's not that pretty after she says that she's out of his league | AITA telling my friend she isn't as attractive as she thinks? Everyone Sucks few nights ago hanging out with one my friends, and decided order food through Door Dash. About 30 minutes later get notification delivery guy is approaching with our order. Without word she dashes out front room

Guy's Friend Says She's Out Of His League, He Claps Back

Everyone just needs to play nice.
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Stupid people fails that will ruin your faith in humanity

21 People Doing Stupid Things That Will Ruin Your Faith in Humanity

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Yes, It is Possible to Be This Dumb


It Applies to Almost All Jobs!

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Time for Your Weekly Scheduled Astronomy Lesson

school Astronomy stupid people - 8009390336
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Ridiculous Asshalves

stupid people spelling - 7520368896
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google stupid people college humor - 57654785

What if Google Was a Guy?

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I No Just What You Mean

grammar questions stupid people - 6149374208
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I Can Understand Why That Puzzles Me

nelson mandela stupid people - 7962173696
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