stunt bike trick Video g rated win - 65676545

What Does a "Front Bump Flip" Look Like? Check it Out!

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BAMF whee Video stunt - 65472769

This Paraglider Gets So Close He Can Say Hi to the Cable Car Riders

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BAMF cars Video stunt - 64946945

The Story of the Longest Car Jump on Record

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gymnastics Turkey Travel stunt Video g rated win - 64724481

Tricking Your Way Through Turkey

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Standing on One Plane, Holding on to Another

stunt BAMF airplane - 8313186560
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No Helmet, Still Awesome

balance stunt bike g rated win - 8307885568
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stunt BAMF motorcycle base jumping Video - 64117249

This Daredevil Wasn't Satisfied With Only BASE Jumping or Riding His Bike. So Here We Go...

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random act of kindness list vine stunt Video - 303365

Here's the Best of the ALS "Ice Bucket Challenge" We've Seen so Far

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You'll Need a Change of Underwear After This One

stunt BAMF flying - 8278873088
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fire stunt BAMF Video - 63124737

Note to Self: Eat Sawdust, Gain Fire-Breathing Powers

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Mattress Landing: Failed

whoops gifs wheelchair stunt fail nation - 8264282112
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motorcycle Video stunt - 62575105

The Real Reason for Owning a Sidecar is to Give Your Passenger a Sweet Ride Like This

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dude parts Video stunt win - 62574849

I'd Advise Keeping Hammers Away from Your Crotch, Especially if Those Hammer-Wielders Are Blindfolded

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bicycle stunt BAMF whee bike Video - 62466305

Because Biking on a COMPLETE Loop Would Be too Easy

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Why Wasn't There a Video Game About THIS in the Late 90s

gifs stunt trick - 8218295040
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Most People Put Their Pants on One Leg at a Time

gifs pants stunt - 8219419136
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