Creepy nice guy has a total Facebook meltdown on a stripper after she rejects his strangely aggressive advances.

"Nice Guy" Threatens To Sue Stripper After She Rejects His Weirdly Aggressive Advances

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Should've Worn Goggles

Guy has terrible picture after a stripper pees on his face.
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Do You Believe in Miracles?

stripper christmas texting cool story bro failbook - 8410198784
Created by Zen Thomas

That's a Shovel

stripper drawing kids parenting mom - 8803307008
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Not Sure This is the Kind of Leg-Wobbling Lap Dance He Wanted

funny fail gif stripper gives lap dance that break chair legs
Via xT8
stripper virtual reality trolling prank - 79054593

Virtual Reality Strip Tease Prank Takes a Few Friends on a Wild Ride With a Devastating Climax

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dinosaurs Video stripper - 74854401

Stop What You're Doing and Watch This Stripper Bring it Back to a Prehistoric Era

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Preferable to Weekly Nude Strip Clubs

stripper sign daily nude
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Better Hide This From the Wife by Posting Publicly on Facebook!

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ouch stripper whoops compilation Video - 70799873

Stripping is Harder Than it Looks. Just Ask All These Folks!

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We Could All Use More Honest Advertising

Via This is Why I'm Broke
stripper pole dancing florida funny Video - 69711617

Florida Hosts the Pole Fitness Championships

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Time to Add This to the Will

stripper what funeral rip weird failbook - 8455392256
Created by Freckles327

A Clever Combination

Via Myttoos Tattoos & Piercings FB Page

There is Zero Chance This is Fake at All

stripper glasses fake tipping true story - 8436140288
Via malooz
stripper christmas Video - 67209217

A Pole Man's Christmas

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