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Funny bad stock photos of people's jobs | shutterstock James Felton @JimMFelton "Hey space astronomer, where is space Space astronomer puts on his lab coat and adjusts his space safety goggles According my latest science, there is space | Kekskobold @c00kiekobold is very important look seductively shortly before hair and gloves get caught drill and cuttings get stuck eyes BadStockPhotosOfMyJob 7:22 PM- May 6, 2018 O 69 Q 27 people are talking about this

Bad Stock Photos of People's Jobs Getting Roasted

"Ah yes, I am a..." *checks stethoscope* ""
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People on Twitter share inaccurate stock photos of what their jobs look like.

Bad Stock Photos of People's Jobs are Terrifically Inaccurate

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Inaccurate and bad stock photos of people's jobs.

Stock Photos of People's Jobs Are Wonderfully Incorrect

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28 Absolutely Wild Stock Images That Some Lunatic Asked For

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strange places stock photos ended up

19 Stock Photo Models Share the Strangest Places Their Images Ended Up

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Quiche: Not Just for Breakfast

image dating quiche Quiche: Not Just for Breakfast
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What Else Could This Blog Feature?

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"The Box Top Looks Too Plain...Throw Some Random Stock Image on There"

monday thru friday stock photo package microwave - 8413740800
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Dating Fails: The Flaws Inherent In The System

dating feminism stereotypes stock photo - 5569286144

Macbook Use FAIL

apple common sense computers failboat g rated stock photo technology - 5394227200
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Stock Photo FAIL

Babies failboat gender g rated greeting card hallmark stock photo - 4790916864
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Picture Frame FAIL

cousins failboat g rated incest marriage picture frame stock photo - 4728629248
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