Those Aren't Seeds, They're Potential Watermelons

sticker FAIL food fruit grocery store - 8526290432
Created by TheTorontoKid

Any Volunteers to Test Out This Knife On?

sticker FAIL knife ads - 8518316800
Created by frustratemyself

An Outbreak!

OS sticker virus windows - 4319713792
Created by dotcom624

Now Accepting Applications

car family Parenting Fail sticker - 5560080384
Via MrPickleCoppter

Bean Burrito: Going the Extra Mile

monday thru friday sticker burrito mr bean restaurant mr bean mr bean - 8350267648
Via ITeachF***ingScience

Teach Your Kids About Number Signs

sticker kids hashtags parenting - 8046036736
Created by Unknown

Think of the Savings!

sticker price facepalm funny - 7611083520
Created by Unknown

This Sticker Placement Changes Everything

sticker whoops accidental gross - 7093899520
Created by Unknown

Well, I'm Disqualified on Two Accounts

sticker warning button - 7056652288
Created by Unknown

Sticker Placement FAIL

sticker accidental sexy DVD - 7019019008
Created by Joanie_mac

Wall Vinyl WIN

vinyl sticker design bathroom g rated win - 6938161408
Via Geeks Are Sexy

Civic Duty FAIL

sticker farts election 2012 - 6742490624
Created by Unknown

Stick to Gas, Sunoco

back window gas sticker truck Walmart - 6033079040
Created by chessi485

WIN!: Car Decal WIN

accident car decal driving g rated sticker win - 6019913728
Created by nyrial

WIN!: Peel it Off WIN

fashion g rated Hall of Fame hat shoe sticker true fact warning win - 5887963392
Created by Unknown

Air Duct WIN

clever Movie sticker - 5844219136
Created by Unknown
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