Stepmom Gives Away Son's PS4, Son Rents Out Stepmom's House

Evil stepmom (Grace) should've left the PS4 out of it, but no, she went ahead and gave that valuable property away while the guy was away at college. Well, that was Grace's biggest mistake. On top of that to tell anyone that they're "too old to play video games" is just absurd. So, the guy took a pro revenge so brutal that Grace ended up getting kicked out of the house. And you know what? It sounds like that was well in accordance. 

A mean stepmom gives away her son's PS4, so he rents out her house | r/ProRevenge Join u/YoungSourSwede 351d 1 My hag stepmom gave away my Playstation 4 while away college. So rent out "her" house while she on her honeymoon with her newest husband have been reading lots Reddit lately, especially entitled parents, but made new account came across this page never thought l'd actually try contribute something! Until now Reddit has just been my guilty morning coffee read.
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