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Stephen King Tweets His Theory On How Game Of Thrones Will End

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Olympics Viewers Are Having A Nightmare Deciphering Snowboarding Jargon

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Guy goes full rage mode after getting trolled by other dude who won't explain IT to him correctly.

Guy Asks What The Movie It Is About And Gets Trolled Hard

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These fan theories that connect Stranger Things and Stephen King's It are crazy.

Crazy Fan Theories Connecting Stranger Things To Stephen King's, It, Are SCARY Good

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People are carving Pennywise pumpkins for Halloween in honor of Stephen King's It and these are amazing.

These Terrifying Pennywise Pumpkins Will Send Chills Down Your Spine

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Matthew McConaughey and Idris Elba get in Twitter war that results in leaked footage from Dark Tower trailer.

Idris Elba and Matthew McConaughey Have the Epic 'Dark Tower' Twitter War 2017 Needs Right Now

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Trailer for Stephen King's "It" But With "Cat In the Hat" Instead Is Still Highly Unnerving and Low Key Scary

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Stephen King Is Destroying Trump on Twitter Over The President's Paranoid Wiretap Bullshit

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When Stephen King Thinks Your Life is Scary, Things Might Have Gone Wrong

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Failbook: Stephen King

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Harry vs. Edward

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