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Stephen Colbert Landed the Ultimate Mic Drop Moment During Martin Shkreli Beef on Twitter

It all started when The Late Show dropped a tweet in reference to one of Stephen Colbert's opening jokes on Friday.

If you haven't been following, pharma-bro Martin Shkreli is in the news again for endorsing the price spike of an EpiPen made by Mylan Pharmaceuticals that went from less than $100 to $608.61.

Martin Shkreli took notice to The Late Show tweet and responded to the joke. Soon after, Stephen Colbert (from his personal Twitter) responded to Shkreli in very Colbert-like fashion.

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Every night before the show, Stephen takes a few questions from the audience. Last night, Stephen got a little emotional in his telling of the first time he knew his wife was "the one."

"Believe it or not, that's the short version of that story."

Jon stewart says goodbye to the Daily Show in a big way.
Via Vox
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Last night, Jon Stewart hosted his final turn on The Daily Show, marking an end to the 16-year run that turned the nightly satire into a cultural force.

The evening began with a regular report on the GOP debate from earlier in the night, then turned into a revolving door of big names and old friends. They thanked Stewart for his work, gave some advice and made him cry. Much feels.

Vox recapped much of the proceedings:

Fittingly, then, the "star-studded" portion of the evening was right at the top. Beginning with three of the show's current correspondents — Jessica Williams, Hasan Minhaj, and Jordan Klepper — claiming to be on the ground covering the night's Republican debate, the segment grew and grew, until it encompassed essentially every major voice in the show's history, dipping all the way back to figures like Mo Rocca and Vance DeGeneres, from Stewart's very early days, and even working in original Daily Show host Craig Kilborn. It was like the alt-comedy version of This Is Your Life. There was even time for a visit from Stewart's biggest targets.

But the biggest moments were for Oliver and Colbert. The former, now on HBO, gently mocked his old boss for continuing to work within the constraints of basic cable, pretending to have no idea what commercials were. The latter made Stewart tear up, first with an elaborate analogy where Colbert was Sam and Stewart Frodo Baggins, then with a heartfelt speech about how much Stewart had meant to all of them.

All those correspondents had one final story on which to report — a group hug.

Can you feel the fake news love?

Stewart finished the night with an endearing entreaty, imploring everyone to beware the staggering amount of bullsh*t that sits around the world.

There was one more final thing that had to happen: Born to Run, performed by Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band.