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Mean Step Dad Tricks Kid Out Of Laptop, Kid Takes His Car

Man, this step dad sounds like a real nasty piece of work. What kind of guy tricks his kid out of a perfectly fine laptop? Fortunately, the kid kept his wits about him, and managed to enact a true pro revenge in response. Just picturing the way that that step dad's jaw must've hit the ground when he saw the kid take that "broken" car for a joy ride around the block, is enough to make the heart swell in deep appreciation. It's also a beautiful car! 

A mean step dad tricks his kid out of a computer, so the kid tricks him out of a car | r/ProRevenge Join u/thekungfupanda 6h 1 1 1 1 4 1 Trick out my laptop give car. 13 years ago my late teens, living on my own and really struggling live financially. One few possessions had an old laptop. My laptop had stopped working properly and while fairly proficient using computer had no idea about fixing them did bit searching on internet but couldn't get working so ask my step dad take look. He has quick
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