25+ Goofballs who couldn't help but have fun with statues

25+ Goofballs who couldn't help but have fun with statues

Some people can't take anything seriously . We call these folks the kind you “can't take anywhere” — and honestly, they are usually really fun to be around. The folks below certainly had a blast playing around with statues. Most statues are there for a serious reason, highlighting a person who made great strides in their career field or added great value to the world through humanitarian efforts. They aren't just at museums. You can find statues all over the place , from parks to malls to libra…
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creepy designs

Terrifically Creepy Designs That We Hope Weren't Intentional

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people having fun with statues | woman lying on the ground with her leg being swallowed by a giant angry head | kid pulling back from clown Ronald McDonald statue with its hand raised as if about to strike

Funny Times People Gave Statues New Meaning

They're angry that we get to move and they want revenge.
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People making statues jokingly hurt them | person throwing papers in the air near a statue of a baseball player swinging a bat | man pretending to get slapped in the face by a statue of a person on a monowheel

People Who Had Run-Ins With Aggressive Statues

It's alive!
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artists humor art statues clever photos lol funny stupid - 8369413

23 Times People Had More Fun with Statues than the Artist Intended

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optical illusions

19 Perspective Melting Pics To Get Your Mind All Bent Out Of Shape

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bad taste, perfect execution

25 Creations of Terrible Taste but Excellent Execution

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funny design fails

18 Failed Designs That Could Use Some Work

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The Most Frustrating Part of Nickelodeon's 'Legends of the Hidden Temple'...

statues comic - 7019486720
Via Vector Belly

All the Single Ladies (All the Single Ladies)

statues all the single ladies beyoncé - 7318192128

An Art Lover From a Young Age

Babies statues parenting - 8007611904

Just a Sax Predator Going Door to Door

statues saxophones - 7348656128

Turns Out It Was the Real Ozzie and Not a Wax Statue

Ozzy Osbourne statues - 6191648512

Things That Are Doing It: I Miss Playtime

failboat inappropriate innuendo statues Things That Are Doing It - 5161561600
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Curiosity FAIL

batman failboat statues superheroes - 4962665984
See all captions Created by Jay

Things That Are Doing It: Unnecessary Tenderness

failboat football innuendo statues Things That Are Doing It - 4849281536
See all captions Created by mis5x5
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