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Giant Squid Latches Onto Surfer's Board, Surfer Maintains Max Chill

Oh, what up my guy.
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Rare Giant Squid Attempts To Ride A Guy's Paddle Board

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Sassy Scientists Discover And Verbally Roast Googly-Eyed Stubby Squid

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Squad Goals

science calls for squids to be squad
Via Alexis Shaw

The Squid Is Slowly Consuming Her

hat Japan japanese Sad squid tentacles - 6035995136
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These Fisherman Never Expected to Find a Storm of Squid at Sea

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The Vampire Squid

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One Giant Squid

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Donut Brains!

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Dammit Squids

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A Neat Looking Squid Embryo

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Squid Harmed By Ocean's Increasing Acidity

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One Big Squid

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Corkscrew WIN

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Hacked IRL: Minor Squid Infestation

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Poorly Dressed: Kalamari For Your Head

g rated headgear poorly dressed squid - 5972694528
By frank44mag
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