Unfortunate moments, messes and fails.

Unfortunate Moments of Failure and Chaos

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Guy's boss tells him to stand by spills so he does that for a very long time.

Boss Instructs Employee To Guard Spill, So He Does It for Hours

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Twitter users share the messiest things they've spilled in their cars.

Twitter Users Share The Worst Things They've Ever Spilled In Their Cars

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spiders pics bad sucks images jet disaster landslide fire cars ruined magnets spill dumb idiots bad luck crash laptop - 6990597

19 Times the Universe Made Sure People Had a Bad Day

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cover image about a news fail

17 Times Life Dealt People a Bad Hand

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Watch This Dude Tempt Fate With a Blizzard

fail video guy tips dq blizzard over
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It's as If a Million Drunk Bros Cried Out in Terror

beer pain chicken accident spill food sadness - 8753349120
By Unknown

Those Who Felt It, Dealt It

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Waste Not Want Not

spill spilled beer straw after 12 - 6307685376
By Unknown

Everywhere Except Where It's Supposed To Go

beer dance floor dancing drunk spill - 5379660800
By Unknown

Better Just Quit Your Job While You're Ahead

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How You Know It's Going to Be One of Those Days...

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The Moment Before Sorrow

on the verge of spilling beer
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All That Work Wasted

monday thru friday restaurant silverware spill - 8428144128
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Well At Least You Didn't Spill It...

beer wtf spill funny after 12 g rated - 8420127232
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beer spill funny Video - 67720705

Never Spill a Beer Again

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