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dad uses legal loophole to get away with speeding for years | Posted by u/treize_k 1 year ago my father got out so many speeding tickets they had change law oc M My father has been lawyer here BC, Canada more than 30 years he starting out his 30's he hustling hard support stay at home wife and his young son. As he very much type personality with not much patience he sped on highways, often. And he got speeding tickets, often. However, he took every single one court and had every single one

Dude's Dad Uses Legal Loophole To Speed For Years

Don't speed.
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Guy gets out of speeding ticket with fart spray | tweet by JJ FiretheGm Soooo got pulled over this morning after leaving McDonald's.l already knew why he got speeding but course gonna ask him why he stopped decided try my luck got fart spray as gag gift on xmas and decided try out

Dude Tells Story Of Getting Out Of Traffic Ticket With Fart Spray

Impressive if true.
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FAIL speeding speeding ticket Video - 86121985

Idiot Gets Speeding Ticket, Proceeds to Fail Miserably and Gets Another One

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José Canseco: The Hero We All Deserve

goats speeding ticket jose canseco failbook - 7910298368
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"Sir, Do You Know Why I Pulled You Over?"

speeding ticket - 7890506752
By telek.z.rogan

Barely Speeding is Still Speeding

driving speeding speeding ticket - 7522461696
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I Don't Even Know Who I am Anymore!

pope speeding speeding ticket pope benedict failbook g rated - 7121607936
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Hasn't Failed Me Yet

cops cleavage speeding ticket ticket police - 6977381632
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Actually He Was Just Doing His Job, And You're a Terrible Person

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Best Judge Ever

court judge lol speeding ticket - 4678518784
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