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Nervous Cockatiel Sounds Like An iPhone Ringtone

If only this bird knew that it's chosen distress signal sounds like an incoming call. Too bad it doesn't get that this sound is basically code for “I hope I get to ignore this.” Sure, it's incredible, but if this bird had heard some of the ringtones that were kicking around in the early 2000s, it would be singing 20 low quality seconds of Welcome to the Jungle for the low low price of twenty dollars.
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horrible sound of a wood press

Wood Press Sounds Like It's Straight Out of Horror Movie

The sound of fiber board is the sound of anguish.
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Ice dropped down ice core hole sounds like guns or lasers.

Ice Dropped Down 450 Foot Ice Hole Sounds Like Lasers

Pew pew pew!
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Construction work sounds like T Rex from Jurassic Park.

Construction Work Sounds Exactly Like T-Rex

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Kid crashing his bike into some garbage bins sounds like the drum part to Phil Collins' "In the Air Tonight"

Kid's Can Crash Syncs Perfectly to "In the Air Tonight"

Someone, lend him a hand.
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Person plays theme song for 20th century fox on cooking dinner.

20th Century Fox Theme Played on Dinner

Everything is an instrument.
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Yelling Sea Lion Sounds like a Man

A sea lion's yell sounds like a man screaming.
Via Xgrade242
Honestly it sounds exactly like our internal monologue.


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