Music rapper's delight news rappers song clips rapper funny - 107737857

Rapper's Delight, Starring Brian Williams, Feat. Lester Holt

Just a reminder that this is a thing.
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guitar Music percussion song washing machine lol musical drums funny - 107667201

Dude Performs "On The Road Again" Duet With Washing Machine

That's a real clean sound.
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musician choosing beggar reverse on horse person

Musician Pulls Ultimate Reverse Uno On Entitled Horse Person

Absolutely flawless.
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Stream completes guitar hero song Soulless 6 100%

Streamer Nails Song Intended To Be Impossible Joke

Dear lord.
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impressive Music song smart elton john Video win - 106519809

Elton John Challenged To Come Up With Song On Spot, Uses Oven Manual

Pure and radiant talent right there.
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spontaneous awesome video strangers make a song in public

3 Random Strangers Make An Awesome Song

Perfect strangers uniting to make stellar art.
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Food parody of Chumbawamba song "Tubthumping"

Chumbawamba Parody About Eating Like Garbage Is Too Relatable

Yeah, that's about right.
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Wholeseom thread on opportunity rover | After 15 years Oppy flipping double bird her original 90 day life expectancy planet-spanning dust storm finally knocked her out and she stopped responding engineer's wake-up messages, they started playing music her. And after 8 months and almost 1000 unanswered wake-up messages finally clear Oppy never going wake up last thing these world-class NASA engineers did their little rover on another planet play her love song

Tumblr Thread: NASA's Care for Opportunity Rover is a Feels Expedition

Hope you're somewhere better, Oppy.
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Funny music video of Will Ferrell performing Volcano Man

"Volcano Man" is Nordic Will Ferrell Synth Pop

It's embarrassing this hadn't been done sooner.
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Guy does a performance of hard day's night but as if the record is skipping.

Guy's Rendition of "Hard Day's Night" On A Skipping Record

Remember when music used to skip?
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Rodney Dangerfield doing the Triple Lindy Shooting Stars Meme video

The Rodney Dangerfield Shooting Stars Mashup We Didn't Know We Needed

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Video of John Lajoie song thank god for the nerds

Jon Lajoie Releases First Song in Forever to Thank All the Nerds

So this is what it took.
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A parody of Radiohead's "Creep" except the lyrics went through google's autofill.

Radiohead's "Creep" but The Lyrics Are Google Autocompleted

I'm a banana.
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guitar dryer Music song lol silly funny Video musicians - 100570881

Musician Plays Song to Accompany His Dryer Jingle

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Video of a guy playing System of a Down's "Toxicity" on a miniature drum set.

Guy Crushes System of a Down's "Toxicity" on Miniature Drums

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Lyrics to Smash Mouth's "All Star" but translated into Aramaic and back into English.

Smash Mouth's "All Star" Translated Into Aramaic and Back Into English Proves The Song is a Timeless Banger

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