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Software Developer Brings Justice To Evil Marketing Queen

Man, if there's one thing that always rings true, it is that nobody should ever be messing with folks in the IT department. In many ways the IT department consists of very smart individuals with the keys to the kingdom. Or least the skillset to engineer the kind of masterful revenge that's untraceable and utterly devastating. Sounds like this particular marketing queen was served the justice that she deserved. 

Check out some more gold from the IT world with this tech support employee who called a mean Karen's bluff.

A software developer brings justice to a nasty marketing queen | r/ProRevenge Join u/ImperiousChipmunk 2y Don't fuck with run world. All names and locations changed. About 10 years ago, on Neptune working my first software development job out university made websites, promotional material, and supplied equipment conferences and trade shows. So if company wanted booth at some event would produce everything and support them duration event. This is where came across Malificent. She charge
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