Soccer. Not to be mistaken with football or any other random ball sports. A gentleman's sport full of goals dips dives cries and whistles. If you dream to bend it like Beckham, then get a laugh at these hilarious soccer jokes and puns.

sports lol pitcher soccer football funny field - 107724033

Random Guy Interrupts Soccer Match, Gets Shoulder Checked Into Oblivion

Worth the yellow card.
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live news wtf sports fire soccer football Video - 107475713

Sports Story Becomes Fire Story As Fire Breaks Out On Air

What a scoop.
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sports FAIL cringe Awkward soccer ridiculous Video - 106461697

Football Coach Experiences Shortest Press Conference In History

Okay then.
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Soccer player drinks cup thrown from stands after making a goal

Soccer Player Scores Goal, Catches Thrown Cup, Drinks It

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cool soccer double-volley goal video

Player Manages Sweet Double-Volley Goal

Whose reflexes are those?
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Russian teen recovers after being struck by lightning while playing soccer.

Russian Teen Recovers after Being Struck by Lightning

Holy Crap.
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Video of dog interrupting a soccer game.

Dog Storms Field During Soccer Game

C'mon, let 'em play.
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Soccer player scores a goal, so he jumps into the stands to cheer himself on.

Guy Scores a Goal and Cheers Himself from the Stands

An excellent goal celebration.
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Firefighters watching the 2018 world cup get a call and leave the stations seconds before their team wins.

Croatian Firefighters Get Call Seconds Before Their Team Wins

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twitter sports soccer social media ridiculous funny - 657670

Soccer Reporter Gets Soaked By Sprinkler, Handles It Like A Champion

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trolling a soccer mom group chat

Guy Mistakenly Added To Soccer Moms Group Text, So He Says His Kid Is The Best

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twitter sports trolling soccer social media brutal - 8584197

Guy Claims Women's Soccer Players Don't Deserve Equal Pay, Gets Destroyed On Twitter

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sports FAIL gifs incredible injury soccer dumb football Video stupid pole vault - 8194053

16 Sports Fail GIFs to Make You Comfortable with Not Being an Athlete

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sports soccer ridiculous funny Video - 96287489

Listen To The Things This Ref Says During A Soccer Game

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man claims getting your knees scratched is worse than period pains

Twitter Slide Tackles Male Soccer Player Who Says Turf Burn's Worse Than Period Pains

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twitter news marvel soccer amazing win - 7944197

Arsenal FC's Epic Wakanda Forever Celebration Video Goes Viral

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