Something, Something First... Yeah Yeah, Whatever...

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Gotta Mainline Those Candies to Keep the Shakes Off!

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In 2010 After The Cyborg Wars, Hands Are Pretty Useless Anyways

Person with a cast on his arm is using a vice-grip to hold his beer effectively.
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Mom was Always a Little Different

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Smoking Isn't Only Harmful to YOUR Health

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Smoking? There's an App for That.

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A Politician Makes Vape Lovers Look Like Morons

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What Smells Like Awful?

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Standing Around Your Stink Cloud, Yeah!

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So That's How You Get All Potted Up!

good instructions for smoking pot
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Smoking is Hazardous to Your Health, Though Probably Not in the Way You See in This Video

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We Apologize For the Convenience

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You Think They'd Be Into Butts

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Vaping Can Have Some Serious Costs

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Sounds About Right

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Why Do We Let Anyone Have a Baby?

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