things that smell good but shouldn't

23 People Share Things That Smell Good But Shouldn't

Not bad.
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old lady steals bike, OP plants fish in her apartment

Old Lady Steals Bike, Pays For It With Smelly Apartment

Karma's a fish.
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the worst smells people experienced

The Worst Smells People Had The Opportunity To Experience

A truly bad smell feels like a slap in the face.
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foot smell leads guy to ER when he falls

Guy's Foot Odor Inadvertently Sends Him To The Hospital

That bad, huh?
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Guy's fart almost causes the entire airport to evacuate | r/tifu Join u/mayallrob_ 1d 1 1 2 TIFU by almost causing an evacuation UK's largest airport. M This happened few years ago used work kitchen one Heathrow's private airline lounges, where rich and famous were everyday customers did basic food prep and helped chefs wherever possible. On this particular day came into work feeling fine except some minor stomach pains. One chefs

Guy's Fart Almost Causes Airport Evacuation

What a nightmare.
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Guy gets out of speeding ticket with fart spray | tweet by JJ FiretheGm Soooo got pulled over this morning after leaving McDonald's.l already knew why he got speeding but course gonna ask him why he stopped decided try my luck got fart spray as gag gift on xmas and decided try out

Dude Tells Story Of Getting Out Of Traffic Ticket With Fart Spray

Impressive if true.
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retail customer service story

Entire Sales Team Has to Defer to Owner to Sell to Smelliest Customer Ever

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Video of girl farting in front of her brother and his priceless reaction to the grossness is priceless.

Girl Farts So Terribly Her Brother Is Genuinely Destroyed

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smell FAIL gross Germany soccer Video - 80761857

Being a Soccer Coach is All About Making Adjustments (and Then Sniffing Them?)

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Smell All the Urine!

asparagus funny smell - 8257597184
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smell science Video rain - 67257345

The Odd Smell of Rain

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coffee gross pee smell - 3990934016
By Unknown

That Is Precisely What a Date Smells Like

tinder dates smell like axe cologne
Via Xboxturnoff1

Does Your Office Need This?

monday thru friday smell - 8409195520
By Vic

iPad: Now in Scratch n' Sniff!

smell ipad airplane - 8392262912
Via Acid Cow

That Dude's Got Problems.

smell eww problem funny dating - 8393236736
Via JinxCraze
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