The smallest and stupidest things people get offended by | dowhatchafeel 16.3k points 23 hours ago Someone just doing their job No can't use coupon 's been expired since 1971 can't believe rude cashier walrus_kitten 4.1k points 20 hours ago 3 Worked clothing store would send $10 off $25 coupons occasionally obvious reasons can only use them once, so were told rip them up and throw them away after scanning them anger would fill old ladies' faces ripped coupon half and threw garbage after scanning

Dumbest Things People Get Upset Over

"How dare you not let me break the rules."
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petty reasons people stopped dating

Comically Petty Reasons People Stopped Dating

It's definitely a reason.
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tight car garage cars lol small funny parking - 107589121

Man Demonstrates How He Enters His Cartoonishly Small Garage

Not a lot of clearance there.
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Tumblr users argue over a picture of a bread knife using lawyer language | phoenix wright ace attorney whitebeltwriter: dual-destininies: derples: dual-destininies: tf2-fandomstuck: tiniestshorts: Bread knife french have grown more powerful. Hold ! photo of a hand holding bread and a red circle

Tumblr Has Lawyer-style Debate over Legitimacy of Bread Knife

Why should anything be simple?
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Tweets about petty injustices people still remember

Petty Injustices People Refuse to Forget

Like the oceans, people will remain salty for millions of years.
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small things that annoy people | Rly_grinds_my_beans 30.3k points 1 day ago 6 4 3 3 2 8 2 microwave keeps beeping even after opened door get food out. Like know 's done s why opening don't need keep screaming at thanks

Inconsequential Things People Hate With A Passion

It is intolerable.
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Tumblr thread on sizes of horses | beeftart horses are inherently funny because they come so many sizes. like draft horses this looks so fake. this horses skull is bigger than dudes entire torso. this horses NECK is thicker than dudes entire BODY.

Tumblr Thread: Horse Sizes are Ridiculous

It's like dogs!
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Tumblr thread recreates very small funny animation error in Scooby Doo | scoobydoomistakes Follow Probably Happened Bob animator Ok, so, there's gonna be broken piece sign says KL’ on Can draw Frank animator Yeah, sure s this look KL

Tumblr Thread: Recreating a Scooby Doo Inconsistency

Zoinks! An extremely small error!
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Small things people believe passionately | NotTheNoogie 34.6k points 20 hours ago 23 32 6 More not use microwave is clock. Stop leaving unused time on there just have hit cancel button once, damn!

Petty Stuff Folks are Extremely Passionate About

People are the most passionate about the smallest things.
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Cringeworthy memories that are insignificant but still keep people up at night.

People's Small Recurring Cringey Memories That Keep Them Up at Night

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conspiracy theories

25 Obscure Conspiracy Theories That People Personally Believe In

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Pro Tip: Get Some New Shoes

fit shoes small toes - 6130355712
Via No Way Girl

Must Be the Easiest Delivery Route Ever

monday thru friday fedex small truck g rated - 8408456704
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The Things You Can Get Arrested For

that must have been a very small package
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Everyone Needs a Little Hat

Via Izismile

For Very Small Packages

monday thru friday fedex package small truck delivery - 8301910784
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