Family Takes Revenge On Slimy Slumlord

Man, this slumlord sounds like he was one case of a particularly greedy and insensitive human being. You have a family muddling through a hard time, dealing with all kinds of troubling pests, and the slumlord can't be bothered to help? Absurd. Fortunately, the family was able to take a simple yet costly revenge against the landlord. With a little leakage from their trailer, they were able to eventually force the slumlord into having to pay $25,000 for repairs to fix a problem that didn't even exist. 

Slumlord won't help family, so family takes revenge to the tune of $25K | r/ProRevenge JOIN u/MakinDo 2y $25,000+ Revenge on My Slumlord So few years back, my family went through some pretty horrible stuff, and ended up moving into trailer park didn't look too awful as far as trailer parks go, and barely) cheap enough afford at time, so swallowed our doubts and moved first night discover there are bed bugs and roaches. Report problem landlord next morning, and he says must have brought them our
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