Clearly Built Without a Slide Rule

dangerous playground Professional At Work slide - 5229501696
By tylermart

Extreme Slide WIN

amusement park extreme park pool slide water park water slide - 5206824192
Via Oddee

It Ends With a Bang

dangerous ouch slide stupidity toys - 5168784640
By Unknown

Slide WIN

design fun home interior Office slide whee - 5158607872
By meganeguard

Sliding Through FAIL

failboat falling gifs g rated kids ouch slide - 5153464320
See all captions By Unknown
catapult lake slide slingshot slip and slide Video whee - 25066497

Slingshot WIN

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Indoor Slide WIN

decoration design home kid slide whee - 5118042880
By Unknown
amusement park loop slide Video water park water slide whee - 24392193

Aqua Loop WIN

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Slide Location FAIL

elephant failboat innunedo slide toys - 5084812288
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Slip n Slide FAIL

failboat gifs g rated miss slide summer summer fails - 5023531008
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The Ultimate Destination of This Slide is the ER

dangerous redneck safety first slide - 4985556992
By Jason

Taking the Slide WIN

awesome park playground slide - 4962302464
Via the Utrecht Overvecht railway station

Things That Are Doing It: Oh Yeah, That's The Spot

failboat kids me gusta p33n playground slide Things That Are Doing It - 4918654464
See all captions By Unknown

Sliding FAIL

failboat falling gifs g rated kids my first fail slide - 4914482176
By Unknown

Slip 'n Slide WIN

fun slide summertime - 4865077504
By Unknown

Slide Slope FAIL

Angles engineering failboat g rated Gravity math physics slide - 4766132992
By PistiSan