AITA for not wanting to sleep in the same bed as my husband?

'If you want to see me in the morning, walk to the couch, there I am': Snoring husband requires partner to sleep in his bed

If you snore and take over the bed at night, you forfeit the right to request your partner to sleep with you every night.
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tumblr thread on types of naps

Tumblr Thread: The Types Of Naps, Ranked

Where am I what time is it
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A Tumblr thread on the importance of getting enough sleep. | Keep Intern wei na paddysnuffles Reminder Humans are not meant sleep extended periods uninterrupted sleep. By this don't mean "humans shouldn't have 8+ hours sleep night mean are supposed sleep four five hours (ish then get up and do something relaxing like reading half hour an hour, then get another bout four five hours. This is our bodies were designed .

Tumblr Thread: Implications Of A Sleep Starved Society

Gotta get that sleep.
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A funny Tumblr thread breaks down reasonable bed positions.

Tumblr Thread: Reasonable Bed Positions Explained

Good old bedroom semantics.
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Sleepy parent accidentally sleep trains the whole family with a cute stuffed worm toy | TIFU by sleeptraining whole family On mobile, sorry, etc. This has been building up 3 weeks, but only just realized last night had baby almost 4 months ago. Unlike wild animals come out walking, human babies are born useless and must teach them do basic survival tasks like eating and sleeping.

Exhausted Parent Accidentally Sleep Trains Whole Family

They better get a backup just to be safe.
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Funny dogs sleeping in awkward positions | funny dog sleeping behind the toilet with its face resting on a pipe. cute white puppy sleeping on its belly spread eagle legs outstretched on the floor

Sleeping Dogs In Silly Positions

These dogs are tired.
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Deep sleepers describe the craziest things that they've ever slept through | OakNogg have slept through our fire alarm numerous times and tree falling into our house.

Craziest Things Deep Sleepers Slept Through

These people take deep sleep to a new level.
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Weird and funny things people said in their sleep | burgervann 31.1k points 3 days ago O 2 8 2 13 More my boyfriend once blurted out putting BREAD my ears his sleep, mumbled something unintelligible and then followed up with "and becoming SANDWICH still makes laugh whenever remember

Alarming and Humorous Junk said by Sleep Talkers

Results may vary.
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funny awkward sleeping dogs | funny sleeping positions smushed faces weird legs

Dogs Who Fell Asleep In Creative Ways

Wow, they're artists
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A funny Tumblr thread about how sleep and a Snickers can cure all | Joy Clarkson @joynessthebrave This is gentle reminder one time Bible Elijah like "God so mad want die so God said "Here's some food. Why don't have nap So Elijah slept, ate decided things weren't so bad. Never underestimate spiritual power nap snack.

Tumblr Thread: Sleep And A Snack Cures All

Naps are the undeniable best.
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sleeping dogs in silly positions | funny dog sleeping with its mouth open and teeth exposed | cute dog sleeping on a chair with its head supported on a table

Sleepy Dogs in Goofy Positions

Everyone wishes they could sleep this well.
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Things people overheard while pretending to sleep | whiteblaze-22 36.8k points 2 days ago edited 2 days ago ?26 Something like “She's too old this not going carry her up bed anymore and last time magically transported living room couch my bedroom.

Wild Things People Overheard While Pretending to Be Asleep

It's usually not good.
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Mom thinks sleep paralysis demon is the devil | Posted by u/megs_wags 13 hours ago 2 TIFU by showing my mom drawing my sleep paralysis visitor get sleep paralysis have past few years off and on. Usually every couple months get sleep paralysis dream talked my parents about before fuck up is not they know fuck up is decided try drawing saw over my bed last night. And then sent picture my mom.

Mom Thinks Sleep Paralysis is Literally Satan

Oh boy.
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Short Twitter thread destigmatizes people that have a hard time waking up early | tweet by Syed Moin Hassan, M.D syedmoinhassan don't know who needs hear this BUT ARE NOT LAZY IF ARE WAKING UP AT NOON have spent hours with patients with delayed circadian sleep phase trying destigmatize sleeping late and waking up late.

Short Twitter Thread Destigmatizes Sleeping In

Not everyone's an early bird, and that's okay.
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Tumblr Thread about a big great dane that adopts a tiny owl toy | mirksilua So my dog is 210 pound Great Dane who has never had toy smaller than car tire before, and he always rips them sheds within couple weeks. pic of a shredded teddy bear. Recently my sister got him biggest toy she could find doggy toy section toy owl about size my dog's head. He smelled took delicately his mouth, then just dropped on floor and has barely touched since. But keep finding him with near him while he is sleeping.

Short Wholesome Thread about Huge Great Dane Adopting Tiny Owl Toy

Alright, that's pretty adorable.
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Dogs in awkward sleeping positions.

Tired Dogs in Awkward Sleeping Positions

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