tumblr thread on types of naps

Tumblr Thread: The Types Of Naps, Ranked

Where am I what time is it
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Weird and funny things people said in their sleep | burgervann 31.1k points 3 days ago O 2 8 2 13 More my boyfriend once blurted out putting BREAD my ears his sleep, mumbled something unintelligible and then followed up with "and becoming SANDWICH still makes laugh whenever remember

Alarming and Humorous Junk said by Sleep Talkers

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insomnia and lack of sleep causing person to hate their pillows

23 Amusing Tweets About the Struggle of Getting Some Sleep

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Crazy Things People Said In their Sleep

27 Crazy Things People's Loved Ones Have Said In their Sleep

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people share things they did while sleeping

18 People Share The Dumbest Things They've Done While Half Asleep

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failbook sleep mario - 8760199936
Created by Unknown

I'll Get Up When I'm Ready

parents sleep cows I'll Get Up When I'm Ready
Via _lilPoundcake

Yeah Baby I'm Still Her...

sleep texting sexting - 8754015488
Created by Unknown

Now There's Evidence

marriage sleep tweet - 8749935104
Created by Unknown

Can't. Stay. Awake.

class tired sleep funny - 7975148800
Created by Unknown

Working Hard Or Hardly Working, Josh?

FAIL sleep sleeping on the job - 3975532288
Created by Unknown

He Takes His Work Lying Down.

awesome co-workers not bed boredom busted cubicle boredom desk ergonomics lazy nap passive aggressive Sad sleep sleeping sloth tired work smarter not harder - 3569263104
Created by Unknown

Going to Bed Elegantly

laundry lazy sleep - 8455147776
Created by m babel
trolltube sleep sleeping Video - 68645377

Here's a Game You Can Play With Your Family Member or Significant Other Next Time They're Snoring

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That Does Look Amazing

summer back to school amazing sleep funny - 8277440768
Created by Unknown

The Perfect Naptime Hat

baby cute parenting sleep hat - 8188700928
Via Earth Baby Boutique
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