IT Guy Takes Revenge On Sleazy Brokers

We love a good old IT revenge. Especially when it involves some shady brokers that took their IT guy for granted, as they ran their firm like a candy store, and ultimately learned IT guy was absolutely crucial. Plus, the fact that they ended up having to pay another guy on contract basically a year's worth of IT guy's salary was truly the icing on the cake. 

Check out some more juicy IT revenge drama with this story about a military IT guy getting back at a meathead mercenary with an epic revenge.

Some sleazy brokers run their firm like a candy store, so the IT guy they fire takes revenge | r/ProRevenge Join u/Floridatrashburner Lie, Cheat, Layoff and Gamble with our wages, enjoy no department. Lurker finally coming out share. Years back worked as Director small brokerage firm. These types places try run lean so also ONLY personnel took job, but bit under-qualified if am being truthful reason they gave because young, and they thought they could underpay They were right 10k more than
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