Start shredding with that skateboard, you wouldn't want to be a lamo. If you ever tried to ollie and fell spectacularly, these boarding memes and jokes are just for you.

'So you have nothing else to do with your day?': Woman repeatedly stops skaters and bikers who are minding their own business

'So you have nothing else to do with your day?': Woman repeatedly confronts skaters and bikers who are minding their own business

These kids aren't bothering anyone… except for one person. They are bothering one singular person. A jogger was captured in a series of videos where she appears to confront skateboarders and bicyclists. She's accosting them for simply riding their skateboards and bikes out in public. Yes, this is frowned upon in some areas, but there are parks to practice in and plenty of benches and sidewalks to show off your skills. Since NYC is such a bustling place, it's easy enough to skate or bike whereve…
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cool skateboarding skateboards tony hawk skateboard trick Video - 96435201

Tony Hawk Yells "Do a KickFlip" at Skaters for Prizes

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Trying to Make a Broken Hip Cool

design skateboard Video - 57395713

The Completely Unnecessary and Totally Awesome Circular Skateboard

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Skateboard on Beer

beer duff skateboard funny - 7965430272

This Is Known as Aggressive Drinking

beer drinking booze skateboard funny - 7877884160
slow mo BAMF skateboard funny Video skating - 55132673

With a Little Chalk Powder This Skate Video Becomes Something so Much More

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The Best Longboard Trick Ever Takes Four People and Two Boards

uproxx gif BAMF skateboard funny - 7765366784
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ouch beer whoops skateboard funny Video - 53554945

Beer Delivery FAIL

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Gramps Still Has the Moves

gif sports old people rock skateboard funny skating - 7518796800
sports BAMF skateboard funny Video skating - 50568193

The Big Air 1080

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It Was Almost Not a FAIL!

ouch gif skateboard skating - 7387851264

Keyboard Skateboard

skateboard keyboard - 7136023040
Created by burkybang

Light Fixture WIN

lamp design light skateboard - 7062322688

Gravity? No Thanks

gifs physics BAMF skateboard - 7023497216

Look Both Ways Before You Jump

ouch FAIL jump gifs skateboard - 6980924928
Created by Iron-man01
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