Younger Siblings Confess How Their Older Siblings Hilariously Traumatized Them When They Were Little

Younger Siblings Confess How Their Older Siblings Hilariously Traumatized Them When They Were Little

There needs to be a support group for younger siblings who were convinced they were adopted…
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Pious Sister Tries to Shame "Slutty" Sister at Party, "Slutty" Sister Claps Back, Reveals Infidelity

This woman became the target of her pious sister's cruel remarks at the pious sister's birthday party. The woman and her sister had long been at odds due to differences in values and the sister's resulting righteousness. See, the pious sister was a virgin and very proud of that fact. She and her boyfriend were waiting until marriage to have sex… Or so she thought. This story was posted to the r/AmItheA**hole subreddit by the woman, u/Swimming-Bird5149, or “Slutty Sister” in the story. She has p…
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Bride Loses it When Sister Brings Her "Child" to Bride's Childfree Wedding, That Child is 19 Years Old

Since when is 19 years old a child?
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Sibling Memes For Those Who Never Got To Sit In The Good Chair

Sorry only children, these might not make sense.
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There's an Annual Twins Day Festival in Twinsburg, Ohio Where All the Twins Go

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Basic Math is No Match for Stupid

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By Alpha92480
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These Sisters Don't Need a Ring, They'll Fight While Water Rafting

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It Runs In The Family

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Hogging the Spotlight FAIL

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It's My Turn in a Few Minutes, Right?

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You Can't Spell 'Friendzone' Without Iron-E

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Problem, Little Sister?

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By Unknown

No Choking Your Sister! That's Not Nice!

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They Sure Can Be

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Cake Thief!

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By Scott wood
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