Strange and unlikely moments that felt like a glitch | posted by Stockero1 walking my dog and almost driveway looked down some reason and looked back up and ended up being back at road about 6 blocks away where thought so confused but my dog looked completely fine.

Real-Life Glitches People Experienced

Sometimes things don't make sense.
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Weird moments of copies in real life and other things that look like a real life glitch | person in a grey patch coat that matches the brick road they're walking on. cat with striped fur in a pattern that looks like a cat's head

Visually Interesting Images that Look Like Real-Life Glitches

Strange moments and coincidental patterns.
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simulation science Video universe - 60741633

The Most Detailed Simulation of the Universe

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Mars science astronaut funny simulation - 51668225

Living in a Mars Habitat Simulation

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Philosophical Conundrums

experiment philosophy simulation mouse - 7004308480