Drunk Soopping IRL Can Be Dangerous, Just Use Amazon

sign alcohol FAIL shopping - 8750755584
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When You're Your Own Valentine, Treat Yo' Self

Funny fail Valentine's Day cucumber solution
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Are Your Employees Really Willing to Go the Extra Mile For the Customers?

funny fail image valentine's day sign condom hand
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This Sign Is On Point

warning sign hedgehog - 8606812416
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A Considerate Neighbor Despite Being a New Parent?! #blessed

funny parenting image new parents are considerate neighbors
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A Cign of the Celfie Stick Times

funny fail image selfie stick spelling
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Guess Who Isn't Employee of the Month

everyone doing great job except cody
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That's One Way To Stop Shoplifting

That's One Way To Stop Shoplifting
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Wouldn't Want You to Get Burned Any More Than You Just Did

funny memes tards use the oven

Too Bad I Won't Take a Break to Go to Dinner

funny memes break from fallout 4 restaurant sign
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Finally Florida Signs Are Getting Specific Enough

sign FAIL florida animals - 8554087168
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DARE to be the Very Best

pokemon memes cant become master trainer drugs
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A True Paradoxidized Sign

sign FAIL science - 8583391232
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The Yelp Reviews Must Be So Uplifting

sign FAIL business name penis - 8582682880
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How to Beat the System

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This Halloween Sign is Too Hot to Handle

halloween memes trick or treat inappropriate sign